How I play The Long Dark

First Things First

If you’ve played The Long Dark (TLD) as much as I have you know that on the black screen it says essentially: a geomagnetic event has caused your plane to crash into the Northern Canadian wilderness how long can you survive. 

This beings me as a gamer and author to a very interesting place. I’m not supposed to know where I am, yet as a gamer of course I know after 450+ hours pretty much where I am.


So How do I play TLD?

Every new survivor I begin has a backstory that guides how I play their particular survival experience. That’s right I role-play each and every sandbox differently based on each backstory. This means that sometimes I will do things that as a gamer with knowledge of the area I would never do if I were playing the game as myself.


This can lead to much worse things than the above test branch screenshot.

Also this also happens to be the reason that I only play one sandbox at a time, so fair warning, don’t expect two survivors at a time. 🙂

One Final Thing

Please don’t expect to hear commentary during my videos. While I do have a microphone it is not a headset one so it’s very hard to pick up sound with it with any kind of clarity. Not to mention that I kinda feel commentary kind of ruins a survival experience that is at it’s heart a solitary one.

So there you have it, that’s how I play TLD, I thought it was important that you understand so you don’t watch my videos and go…WHY DID HE DO THAT!!?!?!?!

Now, back to Survival!