Raphael Tweets 3 Update Pictures!!!

So we all know that there are big changes coming to sandbox with the December Update. Raphael noted that Milton will be coming to sandbox and that there will be the addition of the Moose.

Then he said:

“…as well as a few things you may not be expecting.”

So what might that be?

Now because his 3 pictures come from Quonset on Coastal Highway I’m going post a picture of Quonset on Coastal Highway before the break.


Coming in from the left we see the familiar outline of the Quonset Garage. This is it’s current look, a look that we as fans have gotten used to.

After the break see the new look Quonset Garage!

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Hinterland and Modding The Long Dark


So it’s pretty obvious from my last few posts that I am a proponent of mods, to a certain extent, when playing The Long Dark. I am a big fan of mods that improve the functionality, beauty and game play of Hinterland’s seminal survival game.

Since these articles have been posted I have been asked tons of questions by other TLD survivors, and thanked for my support by some of the mod authors themselves. That’s very humbling. I am after all just a guy living in the desert who does commentary free LP’s on a i3 powered laptop.

I have a great passion for Hinterland, The Long Dark and the passionate modders out there. This post is to address the big question: Where does Hinterland stand on the future and present of Modding The Long Dark. Continue reading “Hinterland and Modding The Long Dark”

Mark attempts to Survive the Relentless Night!

So here is a link to my first Relentless Night Let’s Play!

As usual commentary free…on my i3 Powered Asus so don’t expect it to be drop dead gorgeous. Random start, Voyageur difficulty…you’ll know exactly my game plan at least early on.

This series is in the process of being uploaded there will be a total of 55 Episodes!

Thanks in advance for watching.


Keep on surviving out there!


Modding The Long Dark: Relentless Night

I believe it’s finally time to talk about the most impressive and immersive mod out there. As of the writing of this post it is also the only mod to add  significant game-play changes due to it’s enhanced and creative addition of new background and story elements!

This is Relentless Night by Shieldheart!


The Basics

Upon installation, which is a breeze and restarting The Long Dark you will be greeted with a brand new menu screen.


As you can see this is the menu screen during 4 Days of Night but you can still see the listing. On the regular menu it goes: Wintermute, Relentless Night, Standard Sandbox, Challenges, Options Quit.

Relentless Night is essentially a long term challenge which states that due to the event the earth is slowly ceasing to rotate, causing longer days and longer nights. Eventually our Canadian wilderness will become stuck tidally locked into eternal night.

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New Challenge: Railroad of Broken Dreams

My last challenge was not for the faint hearted, it was specifically designed to test the limits and endurance of the player. And to see just how much gear it was possible to carry from Timberwolf Mountain to the Lonely Lighthouse at Desolation Point.

RR of Broken Dreams

Railroad of Broken dreams is not like that. It is a variation on the Hopeless Rescue Challenge, which rather ironically Omoon66 did his own version of just the other day. Having already completed that on Stalker I felt that it was a little on the easy side and not really that much of a challenge. Essentially it was a straight shot from Broken Railroad to Signal Hill to as the story would say radio out of help. It just seemed a little straight forward.

The Backstory of Railroad of Broken Dreams

In Railroad of Broken Dreams you wake up in the Broken Railroad region and find a new map on your person.

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Introducing: The Psycho Sherpa Challenge!

Ross here, I’ve done a few user created challenges by Stormwolf101 and DocGonzo and finally felt the time was right to conceive my own challenge. So I batted around a few different ideas which I might refine later and created a challenge that should test even the most seasoned players. At least I hope it will.

I call it the Psycho Sherpa Challenge!


The Challenge should you chose to accept it is straightforward. You have heard of a Promised Land called Desolation Point far from the horrible weather Pleasant Valley. However PV has already cost you most of your supplies so you first must head to the Summit of Timberwolf Mountain.

Here you must break down all the crates and open all the containers at which point you must select enough supplies to place you over 50 kilos.

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Adam Survives….but for how long?

Hello folks!

So I’ve been hyper busy these last two weeks building sets and painting things for our Alaskan Arctic Adventure Vacation Bible School that runs Mon-Fri starting tomorrow. However during my downtime I have completed another survivors’ story.



Adam unlike most of my survivors really wasn’t played with a specific backstory or play style because the sandbox was originally going to be played for testing wolf combat. In the end though it began to develop into a compelling survival story.

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Abby: To the Farmstead

Even as I searched through the barn with using the light of the flare I realized that the wind could come through the gaps between the slats in its structure. I was already cold but the flare warmed me up slightly, and the search was not without discovery.


I can’t stay here tonight, I have to keep moving forward. Logic would dictate that if these are outbuildings on a farm there’s almost certainly a farmhouse round here somewhere. It must be forward since I haven’t come to it yet.

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About Survivor Abby and Part 1 of her Story

About Abby

Abby is a very active person who simply cannot sit still she is always on the go. Well she can sit still when she’s on a flight to somewhere new and exciting. Suffice it to say though that once she gets to Fairbanks she’ll be doing something awesome within moments of landing!


Except when she wakes up she doesn’t find herself in Fairbanks.

But in a heap load of trouble!

Abby Survival Begins

Will she survive or head into The Long Dark?