Return to the Front Face

So I wanted to return to the front face of Timberwolf Mountain with a more detailed look at how to get where I got to. So here’s a complete path via a series of screenshots!

Lower Front Face

Basically this is your start path from left to right. This is especially hit and miss you have to be pixel perfect. Where the first arrow is…while heading up and the right. If you get it right you will end up on top of the rock shelf.. You cannot make it across arrow 4 in the image if you are not on top of the ledge. Continue across the yellow dash and to the ledge with the last arrow.

What happens next?

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Challenge: For Grey Mother’s Health

It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of The Long Dark Community

And to celebrate we’ve tested and cooked up a new Challenge for anyone to try!


For Grey Mother’s Health

The first thing you’ll need is this: +h88-hsHw-KFDn-Y8h5-rgAA

Just like official challenges NO FEATS are allowed!

The idea is simple you start in Milton make your way to the outside of Grey Mother’s House. Ostensibly your challenge begins at this point. The challenge is both simple and complicated, Grey Mother is dying, and she desperately needs medical supplies. She has heard of a plane that turned a mountain to fire, it might have specialized supplies.

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The Ultimate Challenge: The Front Face of Timberwolf Mountain!

So we’ve all looked at it from the door to the Mountaineers Hut the imposing front face of Timberwolf Mountain.


For some of us, myself included, it took a very long time to even figure out the regular route up the mountain. In doing so we experienced the bounty of the tail section!


There are a breed of explorers that love to visit the Tail Section as much as possible and play the Hopeless Rescue Challenge just to visit. Every. Other. Day.

Beyond that though are those of us who have gazed upon the front face and said to ourselves: “There must be a way!”


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The Long Dark: Winter Olympic Challenge!

In the spirit of the always exciting Winter Olympic Games I chose a couple of days ago to formulate a Winter Olympic Challenge for The Long Dark! I knew that it would cover every region, I even knew the path that would be taken, it was simply a question of what event(s) would take place in each region.

And whether I could complete it or not.

Now that I have I will describe each Region and the events that take place in each region.

This challenge is not easy it wouldn’t be an Olympic Challenge if it was!

First though 3 major rules: Pick up all the feathers you can grab. You cannot grab the rifle before Mystery Lake or Scrap Metal before Forlorn Muskeg (Phase 2). Once you have a firestriker or two you must drop all your matches (and try to remember not to pick anymore up).


Desolation Point

In Desolation Point your objective is to visit one of 3 Major locations: Hibernia Processing, Stone Church or the Lighthouse. And then retrieve the Bow and Arrow from Kate’s Secluded Corner and exit the Region. Once the Mine loads exit the game and then click on the load screen for the Challenge Sandbox and take a screenshot of your completed time for your records.

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Extended Survival Game-play: Nomad+ Challenge

So you know me when I’m not busy surviving or streaming…or editing, I’m usually testing some sort of extended challenge. In other words I’m trying something a little bit more dangerous and difficult and seeing if it can be accomplished. In this case my target was the much maligned Nomad Challenge.


The Nomad Challenge says that something else has changed and challenges you to spend 3 entire days at a series of locations scattered throughout the game world. That’s right, essentially 3 days, without reading any skill books since I never found a one, if you’re lucky you’ll have some mending, sharpening or cleaning to do. Mostly though you’ll be passing time in huge chunks, sleeping and eating/drinking.

Oh and also because only certain regions were available when the challenge was introduced you don’t get to visit some classic locations.

The challenge of the challenge is in planning your route and travel rather then the boredom of the 3 days inside said locations.

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1,000 Hours Later, A Review of The Long Dark

TLD Wolves

In May of 2016 I wasn’t looking to purchase a survival game. As strange as this might seem to you now at that time I just couldn’t understand how people could like survival games. They certainly didn’t appeal to me, I love FPS games, Adventure Games, Racing Games, why would I want to try and survive- especially since in most cases I would have to be surviving either with or against other humans and almost always against zombies. I don’t much care either for MMORPG’s or Zombie games (perhaps a post on that point later) however there was a part of me that said:

You know what I really wouldn’t mind a survival game set in some icy unforgiving wilderness. One that was very unique with a style all of its own where the only enemies are the weather, wildlife and your own overconfidence.

And then I came across the image leading to the Steam page for The Long Dark (TLD),  a lone cabin, with a snow-scape and forest and some mean looking wolves. I was filled with immediate trepidation and fear, watching the trailers was eye opening, and the wolves put the fear of God in me. And yet in spite of that I made the purchase, here was a survival game that ticked every item in my survival game wish list. I was eager and frightened to play it.

There was however a problem.

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The December Update: Rugged Sentinel 1.16 is here!

Hello fellow Survivors!

MooseCH.jpg large

I am here to let you all know that the December update to The Long Dark is here!!

For the time being it is only available to Steam users, with updates across the boar coming as soon as possible.

I have not played yet…just so I can type this update.

But here’s some major items you will find in this update:

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Raphael Tweets 3 Update Pictures!!!

So we all know that there are big changes coming to sandbox with the December Update. Raphael noted that Milton will be coming to sandbox and that there will be the addition of the Moose.

Then he said:

“…as well as a few things you may not be expecting.”

So what might that be?

Now because his 3 pictures come from Quonset on Coastal Highway I’m going post a picture of Quonset on Coastal Highway before the break.


Coming in from the left we see the familiar outline of the Quonset Garage. This is it’s current look, a look that we as fans have gotten used to.

After the break see the new look Quonset Garage!

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Hinterland and Modding The Long Dark


So it’s pretty obvious from my last few posts that I am a proponent of mods, to a certain extent, when playing The Long Dark. I am a big fan of mods that improve the functionality, beauty and game play of Hinterland’s seminal survival game.

Since these articles have been posted I have been asked tons of questions by other TLD survivors, and thanked for my support by some of the mod authors themselves. That’s very humbling. I am after all just a guy living in the desert who does commentary free LP’s on a i3 powered laptop.

I have a great passion for Hinterland, The Long Dark and the passionate modders out there. This post is to address the big question: Where does Hinterland stand on the future and present of Modding The Long Dark. Continue reading “Hinterland and Modding The Long Dark”

Mark attempts to Survive the Relentless Night!

So here is a link to my first Relentless Night Let’s Play!

As usual commentary free…on my i3 Powered Asus so don’t expect it to be drop dead gorgeous. Random start, Voyageur difficulty…you’ll know exactly my game plan at least early on.

This series is in the process of being uploaded there will be a total of 55 Episodes!

Thanks in advance for watching.


Keep on surviving out there!