Introducing: The Psycho Sherpa Challenge!

Ross here, I’ve done a few user created challenges by Stormwolf101 and DocGonzo and finally felt the time was right to conceive my own challenge. So I batted around a few different ideas which I might refine later and created a challenge that should test even the most seasoned players. At least I hope it will.

I call it the Psycho Sherpa Challenge!


The Challenge should you chose to accept it is straightforward. You have heard of a Promised Land called Desolation Point far from the horrible weather Pleasant Valley. However PV has already cost you most of your supplies so you first must head to the Summit of Timberwolf Mountain.

Here you must break down all the crates and open all the containers at which point you must select enough supplies to place you over 50 kilos.

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Adam Survives….but for how long?

Hello folks!

So I’ve been hyper busy these last two weeks building sets and painting things for our Alaskan Arctic Adventure Vacation Bible School that runs Mon-Fri starting tomorrow. However during my downtime I have completed another survivors’ story.



Adam unlike most of my survivors really wasn’t played with a specific backstory or play style because the sandbox was originally going to be played for testing wolf combat. In the end though it began to develop into a compelling survival story.

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Abby: To the Farmstead

Even as I searched through the barn with using the light of the flare I realized that the wind could come through the gaps between the slats in its structure. I was already cold but the flare warmed me up slightly, and the search was not without discovery.


I can’t stay here tonight, I have to keep moving forward. Logic would dictate that if these are outbuildings on a farm there’s almost certainly a farmhouse round here somewhere. It must be forward since I haven’t come to it yet.

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About Survivor Abby and Part 1 of her Story

About Abby

Abby is a very active person who simply cannot sit still she is always on the go. Well she can sit still when she’s on a flight to somewhere new and exciting. Suffice it to say though that once she gets to Fairbanks she’ll be doing something awesome within moments of landing!


Except when she wakes up she doesn’t find herself in Fairbanks.

But in a heap load of trouble!

Abby Survival Begins

Will she survive or head into The Long Dark?

So what’s been going on…and why I’m back!

Hey guys, Ross here, so I’ve been silent for quite a while and that because I was playing the Test Track of The Long Dark’s Faithful Cartographer Update!


I’m almost upset to report that I had no crazy game breaking bugs to report to Hinterlands about, but I did have fun testing the 9 versions of the sandboxes that were released. Each of the releases got consecutively better and more refined and now it has been officially released!

So to celebrate here a few shots from various different test builds of the Sandbox!

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Color and Contrast: Trappers Cabin

This first in a series of posts was set in motion by a comment to one of my screenshots at sunrise from just outside the dam which I shared on: The Long Dark Community


Having taken thousand’s of screenshots from within the frosty locales in TLD and played near 500 hours now since finally installing it last year. I have seen with my own eyes glorious sunrises and sunsets and fog creeping into inlets as snow began to fall afresh. This game is a game of unparalleled beauty throughout its frozen wasteland.

So in this post I will share with you some of my many screenshots taken around Trappers Cabin seeing it in a multitude of colors and cold harsh realities.

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Winston: Slightly More Pleasant Valley?


Moving beyond the dilapidated barn I find myself getting close to a much more established Barn with other surrounding buildings. I see a archery target nearby and head over and grab the arrows on it. Then I hear a snarling and a bark, a wolf comes charging towards me.


Well that really really hurts, but I’m quite certain the wolf had the worst of it. After patching myself up I move quickly into the barn.

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Ava 114-115: The Beginning of the End

I’ve thought even more on leaving, it seems very obvious, this place gives of its wildlife bounty with such stinginess. I know, I know, it’s Desolation Point. At the same time I feel as I God is preparing me for something else, maybe he’s preparing to take me home I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed it just being myself, creation, and creator. Perhaps he’s preparing me for a bigger departure than I’d ever expected.


I finally decide to head out towards Hibernia Processing to see if the bear is indeed dead of if he’s alive that leaves me very nervous as I only have my bow and arrows available and I’m not much of an archer.


I hear him and his retinue of crows, I decide to get on top of the highest rock I can find while still being within sprinting distance of the car.

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Winston Francis: Unpleasant Valley

As I moved out I found a set of three vehicles, where some people had obviously had a disagreement. For these people were frozen and very much dead.

Point of Disagreement


After this I followed a feature of the land a series of broken trees which lead to a trio of destroyed buildings. There were supplies all around which is great as I’ll take anything I can get right about now. I also find a external basement which opens after a slight struggle against my immense strength.

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