Abby: To the Farmstead

Even as I searched through the barn with using the light of the flare I realized that the wind could come through the gaps between the slats in its structure. I was already cold but the flare warmed me up slightly, and the search was not without discovery.


I can’t stay here tonight, I have to keep moving forward. Logic would dictate that if these are outbuildings on a farm there’s almost certainly a farmhouse round here somewhere. It must be forward since I haven’t come to it yet.

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About Survivor Abby and Part 1 of her Story

About Abby

Abby is a very active person who simply cannot sit still she is always on the go. Well she can sit still when she’s on a flight to somewhere new and exciting. Suffice it to say though that once she gets to Fairbanks she’ll be doing something awesome within moments of landing!


Except when she wakes up she doesn’t find herself in Fairbanks.

But in a heap load of trouble!

Abby Survival Begins

Will she survive or head into The Long Dark?