Abby: To the Farmstead

Even as I searched through the barn with using the light of the flare I realized that the wind could come through the gaps between the slats in its structure. I was already cold but the flare warmed me up slightly, and the search was not without discovery.


I can’t stay here tonight, I have to keep moving forward. Logic would dictate that if these are outbuildings on a farm there’s almost certainly a farmhouse round here somewhere. It must be forward since I haven’t come to it yet.

So after warming a little I chose to set out continuing on a more or less direct path through the encroaching darkness.


(It was darker than this…and much colder).

By the time I got halfway towards the distant trees I was already bitterly cold but I had to press forward.

And so I pressed On…

I almost wish I hadn’t because though I found shelter it was a great disquiet.



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