Test Branch: A Glimpse around Carter Hydro Dam

So I have opted into Test Branch as I have so every update since I installed The Long Dark. And I have been uploading Test Track videos headed with disclaimers on my Youtube channel. But I’ve also been taking some still frames around Carter Hydro-Electric Dam.


The current iteration of Carter Hydro Dam is pretty stark and barren in its color but that seems to be changing in my opinion for the better in Faithful Cartographer. After the break I’ll be sharing 3 half and half screenshots from Carter Dam so visual spoilers after the break.

Carter Hallway Comparison

This is the hallway leading from the main floor where you’ll find Fluffy from time to time up towards the control room with the safe, the front entrance etc. On the right it should look familiar, the left however shows the left side of the hallway the floor and light fixture. As you can see light blue floor, darker blue lower wall and a varied and textured upper wall. I was holding my lantern in the Test Branch screenshot.


Carter Dam Comparison 2

We are on the upper catwalk on the control booth side looking diagonally across the entire Fluffy Space. I have my rifle equipped in both pictures and you can see some of the improved first person presence on the left. I love the lighting in both shots, it just so happens that it was overcast so no light beams in the test track shot. Also note the dark red turbines on the test track side as well.

Carter Comparison 3On the ground floor near the fire bin. Of particular note is the bright blue nature of the left wall. One can be pretty certain that more vibrant colors can and will be found in the interiors on TLD going forward. However since this is the test track the brightness of the vibrant colors will probably change before the wide release of Faithful Cartographer.

Here is one more example…an unedited shot from inside a house in Coastal Highway.


So what do you think of the more vibrant indoor colors? I myself love it!

Many thanks to Hinterland Studios for allowing us to test these updates and bug hunt for them it’s always exciting!

Until later!


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