Color and Contrast: Trappers Cabin

This first in a series of posts was set in motion by a comment to one of my screenshots at sunrise from just outside the dam which I shared on: The Long Dark Community


Having taken thousand’s of screenshots from within the frosty locales in TLD and played near 500 hours now since finally installing it last year. I have seen with my own eyes glorious sunrises and sunsets and fog creeping into inlets as snow began to fall afresh. This game is a game of unparalleled beauty throughout its frozen wasteland.

So in this post I will share with you some of my many screenshots taken around Trappers Cabin seeing it in a multitude of colors and cold harsh realities.


Here we are looking down into the small valley with the trappers cabin just off to our left. Straight over the hill between the rock and the tree you’ll find a Max and his last resting place. Even in ordinary light this are looks beautiful.


Pardon my bear meat if you will. A crisp cold morning and a rising sun give the surface of the snow a glowing sheen. And the snow on each and every evergreen glows alike causing the scene to be much brighter. BRRRRRrrrrrrr!!!


The fog rolls in and the trees are swallowed their spectral shadows beckon me to explore. There’s no danger in the midst of suddenly shrouded secrecy. Nothing has changed but the eyes can be tricked and the familiar becomes alien.


The soft glow of the sunrise begins to bathe the trees as I leaven for a hunt, as you can see I’m a wee bit hungry. Are the colors a warning or is that just for the ocean?


And the cabin itself, such a welcome home, a welcome sight. Bathed in the cold of this eternal winter covered in the Sun’s radiant light.


The is a fire waiting for me inside, I can cook the meat and check my hides. The beauty of this place is often what keeps me alive.


And when I stumble through the snow simply to arrive at home through the driving flurries and bitter cutting ice- it brings a smile to my face because a warm fire is but moments away.


The Trappers Cabin, my home on Mystery Lake.



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