Ava 116-118: Heavenward Bound

TLD Ava Wolf Attack


Well I guess I should be thankful to be alive. God has chosen to grant me at least one more day in this icy apocalypse. That wolf attack last night though, that seriously messed things up. Perhaps I have chosen to stubbornly stay in this desolate beauty for to long.


I make my way to the Riken to make new arrowheads, start up the fire and get it putting out a ton of heat. And then I realize-.

I don’t have my hammer! Oh my Goodness! Did I leave it in the Lighthouse or is it all the way back in Mystery Lake!

Well no matter what I know that I can’t survive here, I’ve outplayed my hand and outstayed my welcome. I’ll have to chow down on the remaining bear meat, drink some water and then tomorrow head back to Coastal Highway.

If I keep to the ice of the bay I may get lucky and avoid all the wolves.

So I head back to the lighthouse.


I make it back across quickly and quickly check the drawers on the lighthouse for any headgear or gloves. As I feared I have none to spare.

I have a feeling I’ll be going to join my family who have gone before me sooner than I had planned but I am not afraid.

After a good sleep I wake up and head down to the bay.


As I turn the corner to the right beyond the rocks I hear the wolves.

I try and fight them off but in my weakened state I cannot, and I slip into The Long Dark knowing the next person I see will be my God and King.

No more dying, pain, sorrow, sickness for the former things are passed away.

Entering The Long Dark

My next post will be an Ava Survival Retrospective!

Thanks for stopping by!


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