Winston: Slightly More Pleasant Valley?


Moving beyond the dilapidated barn I find myself getting close to a much more established Barn with other surrounding buildings. I see a archery target nearby and head over and grab the arrows on it. Then I hear a snarling and a bark, a wolf comes charging towards me.


Well that really really hurts, but I’m quite certain the wolf had the worst of it. After patching myself up I move quickly into the barn.


After popping a flare I go through the upstairs and downstairs looking for items that might help in the case of longer term survival. I still intend to make my way for the Coastal Highway and make attempt to make contact with Harris’s daughter.

Barn Search and Sleep

I have a drink and something to eat, then I choose to have a short nap to pass some time and regain some strength.

After this I head out and towards some rolled hay bales…there’s some deer and I look carefully for any other wolves but see nothing. It’s actually quite beautiful.


Ahead of me I see a radio antenna mast high on the mountain top to my left…but ahead there seems to be a silo of some kind. Maybe something is stored in it.

The night is coming closer and the weather is getting nastier but I think I’ve found a place to stay for the night!

Pleasant Valley Homestead

After searching the Basement I head inside, there is no one here, but I do find plenty of supplies including fresh water. I decide to spend the night.


To be continued…



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