Bronwyn: Day 3 Hunt


This place has got everything! There’s even two wood stoves! I’ll also note that the radio doesn’t work, there’s no electricity here and maybe there won’t be for awhile. However I just can’t help flicking the power switch just in case.


There’s also a comfy little chair that I’m sure I’ll use from time to time. Upstairs there’s two sets of bunks which tells me this used to be quite a favorite place for people to visit.


I make a fire to melt snow for water and then boil it carefully to eradicate any possible microscopic creatures. In the morning depending on the weather I might go hunting, heck out the lake and surrounds. Perhaps both. I rack out for the night.


Man is it ever a great day to do just about anything. The lake is beckoning so I head out onto the firmly frozen ice- there’s fishing huts out there.


I’m so eager to check things out I almost entirely miss the wolf ahead of me if I hadn’t seen the rock moving in front of the snow I might’ve missed it entirely. I have to be more attentive if I’m going to survive!


The rifle kicks up in spite of how carefully I had gripped it, placing it firmly against my shoulder. I hear the yelp from the wolf ahead but I’m not certain that I score a hit. He runs off and I continue towards the nearest Ice Fishing hut.


I search the nearest fishing hut, there’s another hatchet in here along with a hook and line, a soda, some cloth and a candy bar.

As I exit the fishing hut I see that there’s not 1 wolf but 3. I choose to show both respect and discretion and head back towards the Camp Office, I will try this way again tomorrow.


I find a ravaged deer nearby and harvest it for meat, gut and hide. By the time I’m done it’s also getting late so I chop up a nearby cedar limb and head inside.

I lay out the hide to cure, start a fire and cook up the venison, prepare more water and tired go to sleep with a full, warm, tummy.

Satisfied to have survived my 3rd day.


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