Winston Francis: Unpleasant Valley

As I moved out I found a set of three vehicles, where some people had obviously had a disagreement. For these people were frozen and very much dead.

Point of Disagreement


After this I followed a feature of the land a series of broken trees which lead to a trio of destroyed buildings. There were supplies all around which is great as I’ll take anything I can get right about now. I also find a external basement which opens after a slight struggle against my immense strength.


After searching the basement thoroughly I come out with some tools, medical supplies, some cloth for repairs and a sewing kit. I am amazed by the fact that with the huge meat sausages I have as fingers that I can in fact mend stuff.

That said after eating and drinking…and listening to the storm outside I place out my bedroll and slip inside for a few hours.


Once I come out I grab some reclaimed wood that looks like it once belonged to a box, and I continue forward.

Find a rope and head down, it’s beautiful and clear, I see another rope down ahead and I descend carefully in the darkness.

I spent the rest of the night in this cabin I and left in the morning:

Draft Dodgers to a Dilapidated Barn


To Be Continued…



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