Ava 112-113: Repairs and Wolf-skin Coat

For quite a while now I’ve been weighing the options with the heavy upkeep of my Bear-Skin Coat and having all the hides needed for the Wolf-Skin coat. I’ve been looking all over for the bear I’m almost sure I killed, but even if I find it, the skin will take forever to cure. So over the next two days I am going to Hopefully head to Hibernia and fashion the latest in fashion accessories after which I might just head to the coastal town, and fish and hunt around there.


In the dresser to the right I have a number of wolf hides and cured guts, however I’ll only need the hides as I have enough guts from the earlier bear waiting at Hibernia Processing.


I take a good long drink, eat some meat and then begin to head off toward Hibernia Processing.


However first I go on a fruitless search for a Deer to kill, he’s apparently a stealth deer. I hear him in the snow near the short climb to Kate’s Secluded Shelf but for the life of me I can’t find him. So I this time really do head towards Hibernia after a stop to eat more venison and a drink.

Approaching Hibernia from the Lighthouse Side


So I head to the workbench grab up some cured Black Bear guts and work on the jacket until I absolutely cannot work on it anymore. I take a drink of the plentiful water I prepared for just this occasion, nibble on the tiny bit of venison. Then I head over towards Scruffy’s Lair…well the dear meat in the external freezer.


I truly love the waterfall down here, the cascading water and light snow flurries make it amazingly peaceful. On the way I put forth a half-hearted attempt to find that bear, but I’ve pretty much moved on now. I prepare some bear meat and then chow down, not gonna lie it’s some great stuff. Afterwards I head back to Hibernia processing with a couple spare slabs of bear meat.

Approaching Hibernia from the Waterfall Side


I get back and do some more work on the Wolf-Skin Coat, in fact I’d say I’m more than half-way done with it. I grab a bite to eat and drink some water and rack out for the night.


In case you were wondering when I went to bed it was doing this outside- lovely weather at Desolation Point!


I start working on my coat a little before dawn and finish it up the rest of the way. Due to the thrashing my Bear Coat has taken it feels like the Wolves will be gracing my back and I’ll be storing the bear coat somewhere. Soon enough I’m moving faster and warmer than I have been the last couple of days. I can’t help but smile, I really like this and it will be interesting to see how the wolves respond.


Yeah the new coat rides nicely on my shoulders and my bear coat is stored in Hibernia on a bench should I ever want to recover and repair it. I pass the bridge with the crashed truck and go back in there to check on…well if there’s a black bear corpse…but no. So I finally head back to the Lighthouse.


My rabbit skin mitts seem a bit worse for the wear so I use the cured pelt and fix them right up. I’m pretty happy with my situation as I feat on some venison and drink some water I eventually go to bed. My thoughts once again on whether I should head back to the town up the coast.



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