Bronwyn: to Camp Office


Alright! I really like this place and I’ve barely gotten in the door. I take the rifle off the wall and give it a good rundown, it looks to be in good condition but unloaded. Looking around I note that there is at least one box of cartridges so I gather those up to, then I take a look at the safe. Maybe I can listen to the tumblers like in a movie.


After a lot of turning, listening to tumblers, messing things up and listening to more tumblers clicking over I finally get the safe open!


This is not the tea that I found in the Trappers Cabin and it’s certainly not the cartridges or the MRE, or the extra cartridge that was laying around under the work bench. In all there’s a ton of stuff in here including medical supplies and a snare that I’m pretty sure I can replicate with enough time.


After setting up the snare behind the cabin I went looking for some tree limbs to chop up for use in the wood stove. It’s not until I look up afterwards that I realize it cleared up and what a beautiful waning light.


Through the light snowfall I head back to the cabin, then start a good fire, melt snow and boil up the water. Eat some of the MRE, drink some water and off to bed.


Early in the morning I head out and skin, gut, and gather meat from a bunny and reset the snare. I then head inside set the pelt out to cure and set up a good fire in the wood-stove. After cooking I have my first taste of Rabbit…and it’s…alright.


I then decide that I just gotta continue exploring, this place seems to be full of items that can be used to extend my survival possibilities. So I head over a couple of snow covered hills and then I see some tweaked rail cars ahead.


I find some more medical equipment and some more accelerant and a hunting knife, I choose to forego the tunnel behind me. Forward seems to be a safer choice especially with a limited visibility problem, so I make my way forward following the tracks.


As I walk along I carry the loaded Rifle at the ready position ready to brace it against my shoulder and aim down the sites in a fraction of a second. In the distance to the right there seems to be a clearing…perhaps leading to more signs of civilization.


I hear the Canadian flag before I see it and then as I move forward from following the tracks I see come sort of Camp Office, I move forward to open the door and check inside.


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