Tony C. Enters The Long Dark


So after a few minutes of listening carefully to tumblers, the safe is unlocked and inside I find a decent pair of Mukluks! They fit very nicely and already I can feel an increase in warmth. I may not know much about survival, but I do know you want to keep your extremities warm- especially your head! Heat rises and all that.

I had seen a deer carcass in the shed down below so I left the cabin to see if I could do a halfway decent job of harvesting it.


Well I guess my eyes had been deceiving me but I decide to move in closer to make sure there’s nothing there.

Once I get closer I confirm that there is in fact nothing there, it must have been a play of the light or something. But I’m set up pretty good for the night, so on a hunch I head over the rise to see what the crows are going on about.


A wolf attacks from out of nowhere, it grabs my hand and I fight back, bringing out my knife and I’ve it some loving stabs in good measure.


I keep stabbing and he keeps snarling, shaking and clawing, I feel the warm flow of my blood and then his joins in- he finally lets go.


Moments later he walks away, leaving me bleeding in the snow.


After dragging myself up I open my pack to get the first aid items needed to tend for my wounds, this takes far more time then I realize.


I stumble around and find a body searching it for anything useful and by the time I’m done it’s blizzard conditions and I can hardly see three feet in front of myself.

I try and orient myself towards where I think the cabin might be and try using the storm lantern but it only makes things worse. Finally I find the shed that did not have a deer carcass in it.

I’m getting colder by the second and I try and fail to start a fire. And during that time it gets absolutely pitch black. I am certain I am going round in circles. And then I hear howling, and death comes with it’s cold and painful embrace.


Fading into The Long Dark.

R.I.P. Tony C.

Players note: Having clocked in over 400 hours of playing The Long Dark and spending a lot of time in Mystery Lake it is nice to know that even within 100 yards of the Trappers Cabin one can be entirely lost…and in turn the survivor dies.

This is reality, I don’t think in all my hours of TLD I’ve been as bamboozled as I was in the last moments of Tony C’s life. I knew exactly where I was, but because of the deterioration of weather conditions everything was changed. I think indeed I might have survived had the 2nd wolf attack not come.

This also goes to show that even in the most forgiving of locations death is just a few decisions away, and how one wonky decision can lead to an escalating process leading to total failure.

Total Survival time: 2 Days 3 Hours.


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