Ava Del Ray: Day 111


I woke up today. Then I ate some cooked wolf drank some water and saw the sunbeams cast over the radio. One that might never work again, but I am somehow working fine. Weird when the miraculous becomes normal.


I set out early, I have plenty of meat that I’ve cooked, wolf and venison. But I really want to find all the arrows I shot all over the place last night.

Day 111: Searching for Arrows

After a lucrative search I head up to Kate’s Secluded Corner to check on my snares and start a fire.


I skin and partition the rabbit like the professional that God has allowed me to become. I cook it over the fire and melt snow for water and boil it to make safe to drink. After this I grab the ruined snare and harvest it and then choose to head back in the general direction of the Lighthouse.


I recall that I need more wood back at the lighthouse so I head over towards the road that bisects Desolation Point. Not certain of where I am going to harvest my wood I just enjoy the beautiful clear weather, and the crisp  biting air.


I’m going to head over to the corner near the last entrance to the Stony Church, there’s usually some tree limbs there for the chopping.


And so there was both a Cedar limb and a fir one also, after chopping them both up I begin to head back towards the lighthouse for the night.


As I walk back towards the lighthouse the fog clears.


I am treated to a beautiful sunset on a day I was not sure I would live to see.


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