Tony C. Down Again


Waking up the next morning I found a blizzard. Man, I just knew I shouldn’t have come up here! However I had found that book on survival and that would certainly pass some time, so after eating and downing a soda I read up on some things and got more knowledgeable.


Before I left I tried the radio one more time but nothing, not even static, so I headed outside and down to the foot of the tower. To my right I found a sturdy boulder and attached the climbing rope I had found using some of my newly acquired skill. I carefully climbed down into to the snowy hill below.


Right at the bottom I turned to the right and spied a wolf through the trees, I moved slowly towards him and kept my distance skirting around the base of the hill. I made my way to the body I had seen from up top the other day but searching I found nothing of use. To the left I could see a frozen pond so I moved forward to check it out.


Mowing forward I grab some dangling fungus that the book had said was Old Mans Bear and could be used for natural healing remedies. I check out a hunting blind and find among other things some pain killers and a hunting knife!

For some reason I have a feeling that soon I will be finding a new place to relax, so as I move forward a chop a fallen fir limb and pack it carefully in my pack. Looking up I realize that it’s become much more foggy, I climb over a hill and out of the mist I see a cabin! With a yell of excitement I approach and knock on the door, when no one answers I open it slowly and enter.



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