Bronwyn:Trappers Cabin


After a couple of hours sleep I’m warmed up and good to go again, my main goal is to cover distance and find supplies but to do so safely. I exit the cabin and turn right, as far as I can tell due East over a snowy hill in front of me and find myself on a frozen pond. There’s some cat-tails around and a hunting blind that I must check out for survival supplies.


As I climb the steps I see I’ve hit the jackpot! Painkillers, a bandage, those are nice and I’m certain to need them later or perhaps sooner. However this bow, yeah it feels good, it clearly has seen some use and I notch the arrow that came with it. Crow feathers. I will need to be on the lookout for more. In the blind I also find a hatchet. I have a weapon and a wood chopping device. Excellent!

I head further east trying to keep the cliffs withing eyesight through the mist to my right. If there’s a blind with equipment here it stands to reason there might be a mountain cabin somewhere nearby.


The fog is closing in on all sides, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m nearing that mythical cabin. So I chop up a nearby log for some firewood.


Damn, I’m cold now, really chilled, I see some saplings in the distance. Probably good for making arrow shafts after I take them inside and cure them. Then suddenly out of the darkening mist I do see my mythical cabin!


The fog even lifts slightly to show me a small cabin nestles amongst rocks at the top of a path. I circle to the right of the rocks noting the bunnies hippity-hopping everywhere. Then after a firm knock at the front door I enter, it feels as if no one’s been home for a long time. And then I see the RIFLE on the wall…and smile.



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