Bronwyn: First Steps

Bronwyn Farris

Mystery Lake (Random)

Play-style: Calm


The brightness and cold is what wakes me up, I look around but see no sign of the small commercial plane on which I had been flying. I still remember the lights flickering, the ghostly aurora bathing the the wings in green and blue as we began to fall from the sky.

Now though I must survive whatever this place throws at me, I have to think and act intentionally. So I move forward quickly towards the trailers, tromping down the hill through the snow, one foot in front of the other.


I doubt I’ll stay in the broken shack very long but it does hold some supplies and I secure them carefully in my pack for later.


Crunching through the snow my air crystallizing before me I am thankful that is not bitterly cold. However if I am to survive for any length of time I will have to find better clothing, I can honestly say I wasn’t dressed with survival in mind. Climbing onto the step I push on the door and a few moments later it clicks open, I step inside closing it behind me.


The building seems to sustain a warmth higher than the outside temperature, I need to keep that in mind if I get stuck in a storm or deep fog. I test a lower bunk, a bit solid, but far better than sleeping outside.


I find a number of helpful items, matches, canned soup, a worn hoodie. It’s time to layer up, hopefully I’ll find some better gloves soon too.

By the time I’ve raided the other two trailers I also have a storm lantern and a container with lantern fuel in it. Excellent finds.

As I step back outside I notice that the weather is holding nicely, rounding the corner of the third trailer I find myself on a bank of snow with a snow blanket access road to my right. Rubbing my hands for warmth I head off in that direction.


Loggers for sure but not at this time of year. What I wouldn’t give for one of those Mackinaw Jackets. I keep a constant watch all around and I can hear the howling of wolves in the distance, I have absolutely zero weapons.

There is a sign for a lookout but I’m wary to go up as this perfect weather could change at any time, as I drain one of the sodas I found I choose to go beyond the stacks of logs and over the hill behind them. I set off again satisfied with my decision, at this point I’d take a weapon even over my gloves.


As I come over the top I see a small cabin in the distance, my hands hurt now so I move forward quickly. I find two bodies outside so I search them, and pick up the feathers as well- maybe I can fashion some arrows for a bow. I mean if needs be I can figure out how to make a bow as well.

I step inside to get out of the cold and go through and search everything. I’ve found a great deal of painkillers, all these lumberjacks must’ve had bad backs or something. It sounds windy outside and I’m a bit tired not to mention that that I’m cold so I place my pack on the carpet and curl up in bed to take a nap.

Hopefully my dreams will be normal.


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