Tony C. Going Up

As I walk along the snowbank I see an area to the right, clearly cleared out by the loggers who had used the trailers I had just scavenged. Of course it’s the middle of winter in Canada only idiots would be out here now! Well and me of course, the wannabe survivalist.


It looks harsh and wild in that direction but just to my left there is a sign for some kind of watch tower or something. The air is filling with chill and I’m not sure whether this is such a hot idea but it does offer shelter…and if I can reach it before I freeze.


Part of the way up I find a backpack sitting against a gap in the wooden fence, had some poor dude just placed it there simply toppled over from exhaustion?


Holding on carefully I look down, my heart leaps into my chest from the vertigo. Yep, there he is and he ended up falling backwards, seeing all hope just recede away. Hopefully he’d been knocked out on the way down or died quickly from his injuries.

The snow was falling faster now and the wind bitterly cold tearing through my clothes like daggers. I turned a final corner to the left and saw the lookout tower.


There was an antenna on top, perhaps if they had power I could listen to the news or something. I ran forward pulling myself up the flights as quickly as I could, and at the top before I entered I took a quick glance from this high point to try and survey the area.


However due to the driving snow and worsening conditions I couldn’t really see anything about the terrain or any other possible shelters, so I ducked my ass inside before I froze. I scavenged what I could and tried the radio, but there was no juice which wasn’t a surprise. Using some firewood I started a fire in the wood stove and melted some snow and boiled it up to make safe water. The storm was turning into a blizzard so I chose to eat and go to sleep hoping it would die out during the night.



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