Ava Del Ray: Day 107


I am still waiting for the 4th Rabbit hide to cure, and there’s a storm blowing outside. No books to read so it’s a matter of taking stock of inventory, and playing cards to pass the time and snatching naps here and there.

My deer-hide pants are also the worse for the wear, so I have fixed a regular pair of jeans and working them under my work pants. That set of clothing provides the best protection.

Finally the storm has passed, I have 9 arrows for my bow now and I take them with me just in case. After a taste of venison and some water I head out to just look around, the weather is warm so I feel safe about being out again. Will keep a closer watch on my temperature I can’t afford to get more frostbite.


My goodness the weather can be so spectacularly beautiful here in Desolation Point. You know I’ve been worrying so much about getting those new gloves I’d almost forgotten that I cannot remember where I last placed my bedroll! I should search for that…soon.


I’m relatively sure I didn’t leave it on the Riken, since I haven’t actually been on board in quite a while. I can only imagine what forces must have been in play to leave the whaler broken, and frozen in time like this forever. I may have left it in front of Scruffy’s Cave…and if I did it may have I dunno been covered by snow.


Later I returned to the Lighthouse to check on that 4th rabbit pelt and yup I can feel now when they’re ready. So I grab the three other hides and some guts and head off to Hibernia Processing.


After spending 5 hours putting the gloves together I feel to need to spend a night outside, because of the crappy weather before the break today…and all the working at the table now I just need to be outside.

And of course I’m not sure where my bedroll is. I’m usually so careful, these last few days are just unlike me. I suppose I should check out the nearest possible location outside Scruffy’s Cave…if need be after that I’ll head to the Stone Church.

And if I have to I can fall back to Coastal Highway because I’m certain I left an extra one in the Quonset Gas Station.


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