Tony C. Wilderness Survival Course

Hello Ross here with my first survival story. This post will be a blueprint if you will for the 1st post in any Survival Sandbox.

Difficulty Level: Voyageur

Start Location: Mystery Lake (Random)

Play Style: Calm and controlled to Frantic


My name is Tony C. what the C stands for is a mystery you see. I had been looking forward to this trip for a while, you see I’m a city boy if you will but I’ve always been drawn to the wild. And so I signed up for this wilderness survival course at one of those in the wild locations, the testimonials on the website looked great and I had the cash funds so…you know why not?

I fell asleep during the flight, which is pretty rare as I never sleep on airplanes. I must have slept pretty good however because the only thing that woke me up was the cold. And this is the first thing I saw.


There was no sign of the plane or anything like that, perhaps I walked some way before I fell asleep and i just can’t remember. Maybe someone dragged me from the wreckage but there’s no one here now. I think to shout out, to call for anyone that might be near, but instead I remain silent there could be dangerous wildlife out here.

Starting forward I head for the small shack with the collapsed roof, I’m anxious, I was supposed to be learning how to survive and now…as I rounded the corner I saw-.


Well if this guy was the one that dragged me here from the plane he didn’t look familiar, he also looked rather dead. I took his heavy wool sweater since he wouldn’t be needing it anymore, I shucked it on, yeah that felt a bit warmer. I also took the wood, firelog and a hatchet- a great find and placed them in my pack. I now had not only the ingredients for a fire, since I already had matches- but a hatchet to chop up wood.

Turning I took in one of the trailers to my right, if nothing else it would provide shelter.


What I needed to do was get inside and see if I could find more supplies, and also get warmer, a better pair of gloves wouldn’t hurt either. I couldn’t believe all I’d remembered were my driving gloves, but hey better than nothing right?!


Inside I grabbed a lantern and some newspaper for kindling. There were three trailers and each had survival items I was able to appropriate, but the end of my scavenging I had plenty of sodas, an assortment of bars, even an MRE! I considered staying the night since hey they had beds but I wasn’t overly tired and was excited about exploring more. So I took a look outside into the lightly falling snow and then started off again towards a craggy rock in the distance.



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